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  1. Hi. I'm a 44 year old woman who has suffered with migraines since about age 5. For years they were terrible. I missed so much work and school. I would have to take shots of Demerol/Nubain/and Phenergan together and be knocked out for a couple of days. When the new migraine drugs came out (Imitrex, etc) they tried me on them. However, due to having Mitral Valve Prolapse they discovered after nearly killing me in the ER with Imitrex that I should not take it. So, I suffer.......constantly. They have started getting bad again the last couple of years. I now live north of ATL, GA and these drs here (family dr nor Neurologist) will give me shots. All they will give me his Hydrocodone pills and Phenergan pills. Well, when I'm so sick from one, I can't keep them down. There are times when I beg my husband to drive me to my hometown in AL so that I can see my old dr. Any ideas on any meds that I could take? I'm desperate.......but so tired of the drs here not understanding and thinking just because I ask for a shot that I'm a druggie. I've never touched a drug before w/o it being prescribed. My mother and grandmother had them (as well as members of my dad's family) and sadly I have passed them down to my oldest son and my youngest daughter. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Deborah, first I'd like to point you in the direction of a blog post I wrote a while back that discussed what some of your options might be when you can't keep your medications down due to vomiting or they won't work due to stasis. You have options!

      As to your question of what meds you can take, my first question to you would be - has anyone ever offered you a preventive? That would be a good place to start. Of course you need more than that because even a great preventative takes weeks or months to take effect.

      You say you tried Imitrex. I have MVP as well, and Imitrex was very bad for me as well. Not all triptans are created equally however. If it weren't for Raynaud's and my autoimmunity I would be taking triptans now. I tried others and they didn't have nearly the same effect as the sumatriptan. Of course, that's a decision only you and your doctor can make.

      There is also DHE which works very well. Magnesium IV, steroids, Depakane IV all can be given. Here the standard Migraine ER treatment is magnesium and toradol, sometimes with a chaser of steroids. Things work better in combination sometimes too.

      The point is, there are many different things you can try. Do you have a written list of the things you have already tried so you can give that to your doctor before your next attack hits? Having a plan before an attack is very helpful, both to you and to your doctor and the ER staff if you end up there.

      Don't forget to try to figure out your triggers and eliminate as many as possible. This will hopefully help you too.

      This is a good place to begin anyway...

      1. Hi! I went to my neurologist today and he suggested that I try Cambia for acute migraine relief. Has anyone tried Cambia?

        1. NISHAKSQUARED, There is no one answer to give you, as each of us responds to different treatments differently. Sometimes not at all. Here are a couple links that might be helpful to you though: Natural remedies OTC meds Please remember, that just because something is over the counter or considered a 'natural' remedy doesn't mean it can't hurt you. All of these should be treated as the powerful drugs that they are. Be sure and check with your doctor and/or pharmacist before trying anything new, okay?

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