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  1. What do you do about migraines that begin with visual aura and/or numbness and then proceed into persistent headache pain? It just won't go away!

    1. I have this problem a lot, and unfortunately when my migraines become so unbearable that I am not able to function on much of any level, I have to go to the ER, which is the worst experience as I do not drive and have to take a bus or a cab. The Cab costs a fortune. I cannot get a ride, as it usually ends up happening in the day or late at night! Anyway, you sometimes have to ask the ER Dr what helps you (If you get one who is not an old school thinker), in my case I ask for the Diladud, Toradol and the Reglan or Phenergan, as I get nausea, pain and also it is good to get IV fluids as that helps your Migraine. Sometimes they will try to give you Compazine, but it makes me shake, and feel paranoid, so I do not take it. Fortunately, some of the ER Docs know me and have all my info in the computer so that helps.

      I try to not take my migraine pain meds, midrin or t3, imitrex etc, medicine for pain everyday, as it causes my Migraines to be daily, i.e. rebound headaches. I know it is hard not to take medicine when you are in pain, but I try. I get them to the bad point where my vision is so blurry and my left side of my face and tongue are numb. I just need relief. I hope you have a neurologist also. I hope this helps some.

      1. As Migraineurs, one of the most important thing for us to remember as we read about the experiences of others, is that what works for one patient may not work for another. In fact, what may be a miracle treatment for one person, may be dangerous for another.

        It's really wise for us to read about what other patients are doing, then educate ourselves about our own personal options. Then starting an ongoing conversation with our doctors (hopefully many of us are with headache specialists) until we feel we know what to expect before we try a treatment. Know potential side effects as well - this can be very, very important as some of the medicines we are asked to try for our attacks are pretty serious medications. We need to seek good treatment, but also be smart about it too 😀

        There are several offers listed in the offer center because what works for one doesn't work for another. Hopefully many people will be able to find something there that might help them to save some money as they begin trying out their options...

        1. Hi Jennifer, this is a thread about the offer center where we offer coupons for Migraine medications etc. You might actually have better luck with your question in this thread:

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