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Migraine Prevention Medications

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  1. I have recently been prescribed pizotifen as a preventative for my migraines but after doing some research on the internet, I now a little scared to take them. All I have read go on about the really bad side effects. Has anyone used this drug? I would love to know your experiences.

    1. lwats80 - this is one of the few drugs I didn't try while I was looking for a good preventive. I'm not actually sure its available in the US.

      Are there specific side effects that worry you more than others? I see that weight gain is listed as being fairly problematic...

      1. Ellen - I've heard that they can make you very drowsy and tired all the time like you've taken a sedative. Ok, so I might not get the pain but if I still feel awful all the time is that really any better. I can managed the pain with naratriptans, it was the tiredness, drowsiness and confusion associated with an attack that I need help with. I mean, it doesn't sound like my quality of life is going to improve much.

        1. One thing to consider lwats80, is that this may be an interim drug to help you until something else comes along that may be better. I definitely understand the tiredness issues though. I had some really major issues with that as well. It went well beyond the scope of simply being tired - my cognition was really decreased pretty badly. It was like being drunk all the time, or how I felt on lots of morphine when I was in the hospital. Had to stop reading books because I couldn't follow a thought past one short sentence. Ugh. That said, even feeling that way was better than the agony, so long as I knew it would not last forever. It got me through for a while until something else was available to try. Sometimes using things in combination is also an option - again, best decided by your doctor. I suggest starting a frank discussion with him/her where you outline your concerns and ask if there are other options with a better side effect profile. Remember - - the choice is always yours. 😀

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