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Migraine with Aura

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  1. Hello Eris - do you have a question about Migraine aura you'd like to talk about?

    1. I read somewhere that when I get my aura that it is the 2nd stage of my migraine and not the first as I thought? Where can I learn more about the stages of migraine with aura and what recent research says about this?

      1. Hello K5th,

        I wrote a post about the stages of a Migraine attack. You can find the information here: Feel free to ask questions if you still have some!

        1. I am sure it must be the stress. I have already read a lot and tried many things and I realised that different remedies ( vitamins, minerals, etc ) and methods ( relaxation, meditation )can only help if we are not under great stress. This is a personal experience. Please believe me, we should treat the stress because it always causes aura. I would warmly recommend magnesium effervescent tablets.

        2. Hi Englishgardener,

          It's not uncommon for our migraine patterns to change over time, but it's always a good idea to discuss these changes with our doctor. Take a look at what a migraine/headache specialist has to say on this topic;

          Stress can play a role in our attacks, but it may be the things we do or don't do during stressful periods that actually triggers a migraine. Let me share information on this with you;

          I hope this helps,

      2. New to the forum. Looking for help with 'complicated migraines' (aka with aura). Suffering with them since Sept 2010. 37 yrs old. Suddenly developed these wonderful things without warning. More ER visits than I can count. Dilaudid is the only thing that works, but would rather be able to function and work. Acupuncture worked great, but may be starting to not. Allergies: Aspirin, Codeine, Percocet (and anything ending in 'cet') Naproxen. Depakote doesn't do a thing. Help! - Michelle

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