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Migraine with Aura : other diagnosis

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  1. Lori,

    Yes, I have this sometimes. It's called olfactory hallucination, smelling odors that aren't actually present, and it can be a symptom of Migraine aura. I often smell bacon frying during an aura.

    If you haven't mentioned this to your doctor, please do though. It's always safest to mention new symptoms.

    You can read more about the four potential phases of a Migraine attack and their possible symptoms in Migraine Phases at

    1. Yes, I get this a lot and it's very annoying. Why is it always horrible smells? I tend to get the smell of bins.

      1. I experience this, too. It's not something we talk about as much as visual aura, but I actually have this type of aura more often than visual auras.

        1. I get this occasionally, but not as frequently as other aura symptoms. When it happens I drive my hubs crazy though, because it usually smells like something burning. I go chasing it and he can't smell it so we spend tons of time looking for nothing!

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