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Migraines and Altered levels of Consciousness

So i'm just wondering what others think about Migraine and Consciousness?

i suffer with what i describe as extreme migraines which put me into what i feel is an altered state of consciousness. My brain function is not the same as it was prior to the migraine, i cannot think straight, i am unable to interpret things in the normal way, my vision is not always 100%, my hearing is altered, all my senses can be effected, smell, touch, taste, communication.

I've seen a thread on this forum about Migraine and Nightmares which talks about migraines in your sleep and dreams, i experience a real living nightmare when i have a bad migraine and it feels like a dream/nightmare but i am most certainly awake, it happens while im lying down in bed in severe pain, i'm not quite sure whats going on but i often feel like im on a rollercoaster from hell quite literally. I feel like im in another world or place, my level of consciousness is not the same as it was before the migraine, i am experiencing an altered state of consciousness i beleive. I feel disorientated my thinking is impaired and my responses are much slower than they would usually be, i also feel extremely restless and agitated and i lie in bed often mumbling or groaning in pain often squirming with each wave of pain that comes trying to twist and turn to find a position that might make me feel better but each time i move the pain usually gets worse, i really feel like im in another place or world while this is happening, somewhere very dark, i think the whole situation becomes a real nigntmare as it's something you know you cannot escape and the level of pain is undescribable, being tortured is the only thing that comes close. I guess your imagination might play a part, when you close your eyes when your in pain i can't imagine your going to see anything nice but it sure feels to me like im experiencing an altered state of consciouness.

I wonder if others here have similar experiences?

i also wonder if it's commonly accepted that migraines put you in an altered state of consciousness?

levels of consciousness chart:

  1. Hello umble1 , thank you for reaching out! I hear how much you struggle with migraine symptoms and feeling as though you are in a different state of consciousness. You are not alone experiencing a diminished capacity to think and communicate while experiencing migraine symptoms. While it is important to have your doctor rule out other underlying possibilities, some of what you are describing could be transient aphasia. I thought this article might be of interest to you: I would encourage you to discuss how you are feeling with your doctor (if you haven't already!) to gain her/his insight. Please know we are always here to listen when you need support living with migraine. Let us know how you are managing. Wishing you a gentle day. ~Allyson ( team)

    1. Thankyou for your reply and the great article you linked to, this is very helpful

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