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Migraines and work

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  1. Cynthia, I'm so sorry you're having such a tough time mixing Migraines and work. I know I did too. I found I had to change jobs to be able to function normally again. It was a very sad time for me because I loved my job, but I loved the job I ended up doing afterward too. I have since had to move on even from that job, but once again, was able to find a job that suited me even better. Diana Lee, another patient advocate here might be able to give you more information on the legalities of functioning within your job. I'll email her and see if she'd like to jump into this conversation if you'd like 😀

    1. My migraines have been getting so bad im unable to hold a job as a medical assistant. Im crushed. The last position lasted 2 weeks. On second week i told new job i had migrain on mon morning. I left to get injection at drs office, came back and worked until taking their advice to go home a little early. A few days later they let me go, saying i just wasnt the right fit! I began a sales position latly and fear i will have migrain and miss work and not be the right fit again! My anxiety is so severe a panic. I feel so useless and out of control, not knowing when i will be bound to bed for days at a time. My triggers are hormones, weather, light sensitivity. Im very worried about it leading to a stroke. It terrifies me. I used to power through if i had to or was able. Now im worried for stroke so im extra careful. I hate making plans not knowing if i will make it. I live a maybe life! I have little support so im trying this group.

  2. I don't understand how migraines and work can co-exist either. Unfortunately, when I have a migraine, I can't eat, speak, or even get out of bed for anything more than to run to the bathroom to vomit every 30-45 minutes for atleast 48 hours, sometimes longer. Aside from the throbbing pain in my head, I also suffer from, nausea, vomiting, tingling in the my lips and fingers, blurred vision, and complete body weakness. It drives me totally insane when I hear people who have a regular headache claim to have a migraine and go through their day as they normally would. Just last week, I suffered from a migraine that I woke with on sunday morning. Monday morning I was still in bed and vomiting with the throbbing headache and was not able to go to work. Finally late monday night, the vomiting stopped and I started feeling a little better. Tuesday I struggled to pull myself together and off to work only to leave half way through the day. Of course no one wants to believe that I do actually suffer from true migraines, they say migraines don't last that long, are you sure you don't have the flu, or they say I get migraines all the time too, but never missed a day because they couldn't stop vomiting or couldn't open their eyes. It infuriates me to no end. they ask if i have seen a doctor. I felt like saying no, I self diagnosed a regular headache as a migraine. Of course I have seen a doctor and several specialists, they are real migraines that I have been receiving treatment for for several years. The more I hear people who have never experienced a true migraine say their typical every day headache is a migraine and hear the doubt in their voice when I explain why I couldn't come to work with the migraine, the more my blood boils. Has anyone else expereinced the same?

    1. This mixture is stressing me out.. which in turn makes my migraines worse. I am either worried about getting a migraine before I go to work or while I am at work. Trying to be here and work a 40+ hr job, be a mother and wife and having 3-5 migraines a week is enough to push anyone over the edge. My Dr tells me that I can go on intermitten FMLA so I submit my paperwork to his office. My HR department here at work just got them back. He excused 2 days of absences from the first of March and says I shouldnt have to miss any more work or need anymore treatments in the next year. So now my job is on the line and I have to fight with him to hopefully get them filled out correctly! If I had my choice I would give up my career and go home and rest, take care of myself and get healthy. I am stuck in a bad cycle and I don't see it stopping anytime soon! I wish anyone who has to work and suffer with migraines at the same time all the luck in the world and prayers!


      1. Oh and I forgot to mention.. I truely enjoy advising my boss that I have a migraine and need to leave work and his response is always "another one"?? Last time I checked migraines werent limited and if they are I sure should be at the end of my alloted amount!

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