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Migraines in children & teens

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  1. Brenna,

    Sounds like your teachers need to learn about Migraines. You can find some information about handling Migraines at school, including some forms that your parents and doctor can fill out and send to the school at

    Hope this helps!

    1. Thanks Teri,

      I will bring some of this to my teachers on Monday. I also wanted to thank you for making this site with grey and blue colours (makes my brain feel so much better)!

      1. You're very welcome, Brenna. I remember all too well the problems Migraines caused me in school. Glad you like the colors! I'll pass along your comment.

        1. Does anyone know of a quick OTC med for a 6 year old with a migraine? I am a 37yo f who suffers from migraines but take meds to prevent. My daughter recently started getting headaches and I plan to get her to the dr. this week but am trying to help her over the weekend. Tylenol is not working.


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