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  1. I was just prescribed Migranal nasal spray for my migraines. I'm wondering if anyone else has used this med, what your reactions were (good/bad), and how well it worked for you.

    I'm always cautious when I'm given something new (to me) to try even if I've heard of it.

    Also, it was suggested I follow a Mediterranean diet to help re-train my brain on its pain sensitivity.

    Anyone care to comment? Thanks for your input!! So glad there is a group to dicuss all this with!

    1. robynswiderski:

      Have you started this yet? I just got this to take today to try and break a rebound migraine cycle. Has it worked for you?

      1. lhaber4:

        I have tried the Migranal twice now. The first time I used it, it did nothing for me and I ended up in the ER to break the pain. I tried a second time and still nothing. I realize it takes time for meds to work, but I was hoping it wouldn't make me rely on the ER for pain relief.

        So far, no good. I use the nasal spray and my doctor wants me to try the injecgtions. I'm not up for that if the spray doesn't work, I'm not so sure of going to needles.

        Hope it works for you!

        1. lhaber4 - I would encourage you to have a candid conversation with your doctor. It's likely that he will explain that he really wants you to get relief, and that this different delivery system may work better for you. You simply won't know until you try. The ER is going to give you injections, but usually those meds are ineffective in actually aborting the attack, which really is our goal. If the attack is aborted, the pain goes away.

          Are you on a preventive yet?

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