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Mood Changes

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  1. jones8900, my mood changes so bad. I become so mean to people who love me and truly want to help. I believe our severe pain makes us a completely different person during an attack, at least it does for me absolutely.

    1. I totally agree. This happened yesterday to me but it happened before my migraine. I was swearing like a truck driver and just being a plain old biatch. My 20 year old was home and I just told her this, "I'm in a seriously bad mood, I think it has something to do with my migraines, I might slam some cabinets and swear and throw some things around but its not about you or Dad and I just want you to know that. I love you and that's why I'm telling you. It will pass but in the meantime, I am severely out of my mind

      bitchy, okay?" She was good with that. If I can recognize it, that's a good thing.

      1. My family can tell when a prodrome hits me. My husband tells me I'm acting like I"m ready to jump out of my skin, which is a pretty good assessment of how it feels. I don't mean to be short or easy to anger, but if its a prodrome, I'm likely to say and do things I normally wouldn't do... and I do them without even noticing what's happening. Thank goodness I have a very understanding family. Living with Migraine as a 5th member of the family has changed us all in many, many ways...

        1. I'm glad to know that my mood swings are not because I'm just going crazy. I'm usually a super chiper person and always have a smile on my face but there are times that I turn into a very mean person at the drop of a hat!

          When I end up having my 'cranky pants' on my husband sits me down, stares me right in the eye and says "Go get something to eat right now and then go lay down". Eating a quick carb + protein makes sure that it isn't a blood sugar issue and it's enough of a distraction that I'm able to realize that my mood is just my migraine prodrome. Thankfully I have my husband to help me recognize when I'm having a prodrome otherwise I would just shrug it off.

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