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  1. Hi, Melanie,

    Glad Stadol works for you. Just so you know, Stadol IS a narcotic/opioid. That's why doctors generally reserve it for use as a rescue medication for those who can take triptans or ergotamines. I realize you can't, so you need to go straight to the rescue medications. Your post didn't sound like you realized that it's an opioid though, so I thought I'd mention it.


    1. I was just given Stadol Nasal last week as my Neuro is out of town and my migraines are back full force. I am already on botox and it's affects wear off quicker than usual. I suffer from chronic migraines and clusters. Thought my clusters were in remission but by tracking my HA the past few days- they are back. I used the stadol sparingly only if my usual methods (imitrex, cold therapy etc dont work) . I hate how it makes me feel, and I can't use it and even try to work the next day. I am back on O2 now until tomorrow but will keep the stadol as my rescue for my migraines to keep me from the ER.

      1. Newbie here. Just returned from my first visit to a head pain clinic. I am very confused now....

        Like many migraine is not my only health issue, but it has been a LIFELONG one. Have tried so many Rx's and combos with varying results over the years. Currently getting Botox, which helps a great deal for the pain, but does nothing for the light, sound, smell sensitivities, or the confusion, aphasia and vertigo.

        Do not have a good feeling about this "new" clinic although they are supposedly the only nationally accredited Migraine clinic.

        They wanted me to go inpatient, and were taken aback and reluctant to disclose exactly what they were going to do in the hospital that couldn't be done as out-patient. RED FLAG flying! I am not so old (52) and addled yet not to realize they think I abuse the meds.

        Anyway, was given (ha!! very $$) Migranal. Am supposed to use it 3 x a day for three days to break the pain cycle, then as needed. I started it yesterday, but am nervous about this Rx because it seems contraindicative for me. Basilar type migraine, post menopausal, smoke.

        They also ordered Baclofen and Diclofenac Potassium, neither of which I have taken yet.

        Need to know what to expect from this Migranal.

        1. tracylea - I have not had Migranal myself so can't comment on my own personal experience. Please understand that your experience will be unique to you. This is quite a combination of meds however, and I wonder if they talked to you about Medication Overuse Headache? Here is a link that might be helpful:

          I don't know what doctor you're seeing or where you are, but here is a pretty complete listing of Migraine and headache specialists that have had the additional training to appropriately diagnose, treat and help you manage your Migraines and triggers.

          Like you, I would be very wary of a place that wouldn't tell me what my treatment would be in-patient. Sometimes it's true that they simply don't know until you get there. However, it is your body, and you get to choose. Period. This means being proactive and educated so that choice you make is the best one for you. This also helps you to know what to ask etc.

          It's possible they may think you are in MOH (Medication Overuse Headache) which is a different headache type altogether that is caused by taking medicines for your Migraines. Instead of helping you, eventually they can cause the problem. It can be very difficult to get thru MOH on your own, and there are some things that can be given for that and Migraine that might be very helpful for you. The key is that you need to feel easier about their plan, and it is not at all out of place to ask what their plan of action is, and to expect a response of some kind.

          Hang in there...

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