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Nausea with or without vomiting

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  1. thanks! I'm definitely a puker! Anyone else?

    1. Oh yes, definitely me! Zofran has been a godsend for me in dealing with this. It doesn't help 100% of the time, but has made it much easier to deal with the nausea and prevent the vomiting.

      1. Oh boy. I would rather do anything than vomit, but it hits me all too often. Unfortunately, I have a co-morbidity that keeps me from being able to use anti-nausea medication. Zofran may be an option for me, but right now we’re keeping it in our back pocket as I may have had a post-surgical adverse reaction to it as well. Ginger and/or diazepam helps, but mostly I just hang on for dear life.

        1. Sometimes, I think I'd feel better if I COULD vomit. Several years ago, I had surgery for GERD. Now the valve at the top of my stomach is so tight that noting can come back up through it. The instant I know I have a Migraine coming on, I reach for my nausea meds! Otherwise, I end up with dry heaves that, as all of you know, make my head hurt so much worse.

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