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Neck Pain

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  1. Gregory,

    Neck pain issues can be complicated. Are all of your "headaches" Migraines? Neck problems can cause cervicogenic headaches, a secondary headache specifically caused by a source in the neck. (For more info, see Cervicogenic Headache - What Is It? at

    On the other hand, recent research indicates that neck pain can be a symptom of Migraine. In fact, it's a more common symptom than nausea.

    Put those two together, and that's why I wonder if you have both cervicogenic headaches and Migraines. Maybe something to discuss with your doctor?

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  2. Gregory,

    I too have cervicogenic headache along with my Migraine issues. I have a few herniated discs, arthritis and other problems that add to the problems. In my case, after having a current MRI done as well as a postural x-ray, I was put under the care of a pain management specialist who did 6 blocks to help diagnose whether my chronic Migraine issue had anything to do with my neck and other spinal problems. It didn't. But if it did, I would have had the option of radiofrequency ablation of the affected nerves. In my case I would likely not have undergone the procedure anyway, but it's good to know there are options. Additionally, for those with cervicogenic headache, osteopathic care or physical therapy may be valuable, as might a TENS machine or other neurostimulator. This illustrates the importance of getting proper diagnosis of your problems instead of just chasing symptoms. I often hear of people suffering needlessly because they are treating only one disease/disorder and not both.

    Are you seeing a headache specialist? What does your neck specialist suggest for you?

    I hope you are able to find something that helps you. To me, my neck pain is bad enough, but add to that the Migraine and the added neck pain from an attack, and the spasms of Dystonia, and I can get really miserable. I feel for you...

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