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  1. larissataurins - While NSAIDS do sometimes offer some amount of pain relief, you are right that targeting inflammation can be very helpful, especially when used on concert with triptans. All NSAIDS are not created equally either.

    Remember that we really want to target the attack itself, not just the pain. The pain is only one of the symptoms of a Migraine, and if we can eliminate/abort the attack, the pain will go away as well. Have you tried DHE? There really are many, many options you might want to discuss with your doctor. Have you been seeing a Migraine and headache specialist?

    1. The only NSAID that ever worked for me was Advil. It was great when I first started having migraines but now it's not working at all. I think it's just tolerance I've built up to it. Though it does work on the little headaches that can lead up to migraines for me.

      1. larissataurins - I have answered a couple of your questions today and asked you about your specialist - I hope you aren't too annoyed at me 😉 It's just that seeing someone who has the most powerful tools at hand is so very important!

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