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Ocular Migraine

Welcome to the Ocular Migraine Forum

  1. Hi Lois,

    Thanks for coming into the "ocular" migraine forum. You've raised some valid concerns so let's see what information I can give you to be of assistance. How does that sound?

    There are many types of migraine and it can get confusing - but "ocular" migraine is used by different people to describe different things. Depending on your symptoms,"ocular" migraine may really be migraine with aura or retinal migraine. But it's important to know exactly what type of migraine or headache disorder you have so you can get the proper treatment and learn about your migraines. Here is information on migraine with aura; and you can read about retinal migraine here;

    As far as the eye pressure goes, there is some evidence that people with migraine AND low blood pressure at night may be at an increased risk for glaucoma is an issue with glaucoma. This past week I was just diagnosed with open angle glaucoma and my pressures are borderline high, other tests confirmed the diagnosis. Here is some information on this;

    Another condition that may cause eye problems is idiopathic intracranial hypertension formerly called pseudotumor cerebri;

    I've given you loads of information I hope I didn't put too much on your plate! Please let me know how you make out and if you need anything else,

    Happy Thanksgiving

    1. Thanks for all the great information. It will definitely be info that I will discuss with the physician on my next visit. I unfortunately can relate with symptoms in each category and can be ruled out due to age/childbearing in other categories. Although I know that is never the answer since there is really no rhyme or reason to any of this.

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