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Puffy eyelid

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  1. So the eye swelling could be thyroid? I get that and I have also noticed there is swelling at the back of my neck where my spine meets my skull. I have the puffy eyelid but that usually seems to happen in fall and spring when we are having severe weather changes and an imitrex will almost always relieve the severe pain. I am becoming tolerant to imitrex though and will need to find a new medication soon as they are not near as effective as they once were.

    1. Maureen, swollen eyes is a hypOthyroid symptom, but there is no way for me to know if that is your problem. This is why seeing a headache specialist is so important - they are usually much better at diagnosing headache and Migraine related symptoms than a GP or neurologist.

      Have you had anyone look at your neck?

      1. The lower part of my eyelid swells, reddens, and burns.

        1. My daughter's eyelids do not get puffy; however she gets "raccoon" eyes! She is very pale to begin with and when she gets a migraine it looks like she has 2 black eyes!

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