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  1. I want to add that I've taken many triptan abortives and Relpax works the best for me, and has for a few years. For the fiercer migraines, I have to take two, but the Relpax still comes to the rescue. I know everyone has to find what works for them, but this one is mine for now.

    1. Relpax works great for me if I get it soon enough. I am dealing mainly with aura only at this point and the Relpax is aborting that 50% of the time. Yeah, that only leaves me with two a week :/

      1. It's actually really important to remember that not all triptans are created equally, and using multiple triptans in your Migraine arsenal may be very beneficial. For example, some are fast acting. Others are long acting. Each has its pros and cons, and when the patient and physician work together to expand the treatment arsenal, patients often reap benefits they never suspected. 😀

        1. I just took Relpax this weekend after my doctor gave me a sample to try. After 30 minutes, I felt some relief. Then about an hour later, I felt extreme nausea (worse than migraine nausea) for several hours. It took me a day to get it out of my system, then I had a full-blown migraine the following day. 🙁 Guess this isn't for me.

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