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Sensitivity to light

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  1. hi everyone, i wen to the eye doctor yesterday and she told me i was photophobic, at first she suggested that i get transtional lenses until i told her that florescents also bother me, so i have to fight the sunlight as well as the indoor lights, even the television light seems to bother me. i really hate this cause it's very annoying, especially having to wear your sunglasses in the house. I still don't know exactly what color lenses will work best for me, i guess i will have some trail and error, but who wants to go through that when the error, will end with a full blown migraine.

    1. The entire ER staff knows me by now, and they barely recognize me when I show up without my sunglasses because even when I get into a room with all the lights off.. that little bit shining through is BRUTAL. So, I wear sunglasses inside all the time. You have no choice, the light makes the pain so much more terrible!

      1. I just went to the eye doctor recently, and now have a new pair of sunglasses - way overdue. For me, brown tinted lenses are the only way to get through the day. Melissa, I too wear them all day long. I get by in my home because we replaced all our windows with tinted ones, but that is a luxury for most Migraineurs.

        1. I've been suffering from light sensitivity since 1998. I was getting migraines a lot until I started wearing standard sunglasses indoors in brightly lit areas. To this day, I can't go outside without wearing dark sunglasses. My doctor mentioned my condition is called "glare hypersensitivity". While I get mild migraines from barometric pressure and high stress, bright light is still my most prominent trigger. In case anyone is interested, I wear safety glasses rated at IR-5, also known as "Shade 5". These are typically worn around welding (but not actually doing the welding). Prices range anywhere from $5 to $15 for an inexpensive pair. I usually buy a few and keep one set in my car in case of emergencies. I had to buy several different styles before finding the pair I liked.

          Be warned, though. Your eyes can become even more sensitive by using these. So definitely speak to your eye doctor about wearing them. I just provided this information as I almost never get migraines anymore, so it worked for me. Hope this helps.

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