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Sensitivity to smells

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  1. She came back into the room and she was NOT happy. I had never told her how the candle bothered me. I didn't want to hurt her feelings. She said, "I was trying to make the house smell nice." I had the feeling that she doubted that the candle could cause my headache, but it definitely contributed to it.

    1. Cluster Girl,

      Living with headache disorders and diseases like Migraine and Cluster Headache are really a process. If you had food allergies, wouldn't you try to tell everyone what you could and couldn't eat? The same goes for our Migraine Disease and Cluster Headaches. We need to inform and educate those around us. How else are they going to know what can act as a trigger? Whenever I'm triggered by something someone has done (blue lights seems to be the culprit of late) they always feel so terribly guilty when they learn something small that they inadvertently did triggered something so disabling and awful as another Migraine or cluster attack. You might try creating and printing out a list of your personal triggers and let your mom see it so she will understand how sensitive you are to your environment now. Truth be told, she probably isn't going to be happy about all those changes she'll have to make around you, but reminding her gently that these are changes you will have to make every day no matter where you are, might also be helpful. It takes time for others to get used to our new way of life. It's like a whole new lifestyle to tell you the truth. Like anything, changes are hard to make, and we often suffer both physically and mentally when we make them. In the end, the payoff is a better life that we can actually enjoy and in which we can be productive despite our attacks. I think most anyone will agree with you that is worth the trouble...

      1. The smell of my mom's cigarette when I'm having a full blown attack is insane. I grew up around it so I barely notice it on my good days, but when she comes back in the room from having a cigarette... I almost always vomit instantly or want to. I have a MUCH stronger sense of ALL scents... senses are just in overdrive and that is not a good thing!

        1. Some fragrances in candles will give me a migraine almost immediately. And cigarette smoke smell is a given! My ex-husband used to fry bologna whenever I had a migraine---all smells were so intensified that I would almost puke from the smells that normally didn't bother me.

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