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Sensitivity to sound

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  1. absolutely. my family is by far the loudest speaking/yelling family I know, all of my friends agree. It is unbearable, and they still are inconsiderate when I have one..which is daily, so I understand them not putting their lives on hold. But my siblings will scream and blast music, my dad will yell... it is unbearable most times.. I got a industrial strength fan... which is very strong, very loud.. so I have SOME white noise to block out the sound.. but it still isn't enough. I feel your pain.

    1. My husband has been in construction 30 years. He now owns his own construction company. Imagine how his ears/hearing have been damaged by all that noise. Well, when he gets home from work he is talking VERY LOUD! The transition from work-world to home-world he does not make well. I'm still trying after all these years to find a way to tell him to shhhh.

      - lean away from him to suggest that he's talking too loud (he hates this one)?

      - take my hand and do the "lower" gesture?

      - Slowly lower my eyelids & head in discomfort?

      - talk a little quieter babe?

      I haven't actually tried this yet..

      - inside voice hun?

      He doesn't realize how darn loud he's talking. Even when i tell him, he says he doesn't think he's talking too loud. I can see us still bickering about this years from now like too old folks in our rockers/recliners for sure!

      1. Does anyone know of any phone equipment that's easier on the ears for migraine sufferers?

        I have to spend a lot of time on the phone at work. The longer the conversation goes, the more I can feel the migraine building. Sometimes I can use closed-captioning for webinars, but I'd sure love to know if there were any headsets or other modulators that seemed to be more helpful for migraine sufferers the way incandescent or halogen lighting is better than fluorescents.

        1. Melancut, I would love to know the answer to your question. My son uses GoogleTalk to help with phone messages as the speaking voice is then texted to him in writing. I'm not sure if that would help you specifically though, as it sounds like you are trying to have a conversation and having difficulties. For me, I have found that one ear will be much more sensitive than the other when I'm Migraining, so I use the other ear. Also, most people will mimic when they are on the phone. If I speak very softly, they too usually end up speaking that way as well. It's not exactly high tech, but might be worth a try until we can find something else that might work. I hope you let us know if you run across anything!!!

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