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  1. I have read and researched in MANY places that sexual activity, more specifically, an orgasm has proven to help severe migraine pain. Anyone know anything about this! It seemed silly to me but once I thought about it I realized your body probably releases natural "feel-good" hormones.

    1. Melissa, its true. I know if I feel a migraine coming I will actually masturbate because it'll beat it to the punch. I have Hemiplegic Migraines, I can't walk or talk when they go all out. The last time it got really bad, to the point I passed out and my finacee had to carry me to bed, sexual relief helped big time. I always rate how bad my migraines are from a 1-10 scale. At that point I was a 9. Then I got to wondering while I was laying there, unable to move, drooling a slurring my words, if an orgasm would help. So my finacee, God bless him, started pleasing my drooling slurring self. After each orgasm I kept getting more strength back, the pain was lessening with each one as well. By the time I finally had enough, I was down to a 4 and could walk again. So yes, it works. Works wonders. So now my finacee knows that when I say I have a headache, he knows he's gonna get lucky. Unlike the rest of the men in the world where women fake headaches to get out of sex, hahaha.

      1. I have found the opposite to be true with my migraines. I have been suffering with a chronic daily migraine for the past 14 months continually. My pain never drops below a 5 and any kind of sexual activity seems to increase this by at least 2.

        1. Emma81 - illustrated here once again, is the fact that what works for one may not work for another. We are all so incredibly individual. That's one reason that treating Migraine is so difficult... there is no cookbook method to *fixing* us as there is with say... a broken arm.

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