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Silent Migraine

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  1. Cynthia,

    I sometimes have silent Migraines with aura and silent Migraines without aura. I get all the symptoms, but the headache. They stink!

    What concerns me about what you wrote is that you're talking about weakness. What type of Migraine have you been diagnosed with?

    Typically, "silent" or "acephalgic" Migraines include the symptoms you usually get other than the headache. Have you discussed these episodes with your doctor?


    1. Thanks Ellen.. I have an appointment for a neurologist soon. Im sorry if i've been using the forum inappropriately and of course you can't diagnose. I'll keep trying the meds and have been keeping a perspective of everyone being different and needing to see consultant. Unfortunately up until discovering the forum I've been in the dark really... now I have the vocabulary and confidence to ask questions and don't feel that I'm making it up. Apologies again and thanks so much for taking the time .😀

    2. Lorna Mcfarlane

      No apologies ever necessary!!! Just trying to help you to be able to get the most from your experience here. Especially when discussing particular meds or treatments, getting into the right thread can be super helpful. That's where people who have the experience you're looking for, are hanging out.

      I'm so glad you found us, and don't ever hesitate to ask a question. We're here for YOU!


  2. Yes, mine are mostly with aura. I sure don't like silent Migraine either. That said, I would much rather go without the pain portion if I could - for sure! Still, even those people who do understand and sympathize about Migraine will often be confused by a silent Migraine and it can be tough to be taken seriously when they happen.

    Remember too Cynthia, that it's really important to report any changes in your normal Migraine pattern to your doctor. Be sure your doctor knows about the weakness you're having. It might be a good time to begin a new conversation with him/her about your symptoms...

    1. I currently don't have health insurance, so I cannot see my neurologist at the moment. Plus, I'm looking for a new one because I didn't like my old one, he was way too pushy to say the least.

      I've had this weakness symptom in my migraines for a very long time, my old neurologist knew about it. Just severe migraines, nothing really out of the ordinary he said. They change all the time really. I will have some huge attacks to where I can't move or talk. Or I'll just have a regular migraine where I'm light and sound sensitive and just generally weak and slow. Right now, I'm having a migraine that is keeping me from sleeping. Hard to sleep when it feels like someone is slamming your head into a wall over and over again. No weakness, just pain and slight sensitivity.

      1. Cynthia,

        I wish I had an answer for the insurance and affording to see a doctor issue, but I really don't. I do know how difficult that can be because there was a long period of time when I had no insurance and very little income.

        Still, the best thing I know to tell you is to see a doctor. The only form of Migraine that causes true motor weakness is hemiplegic Migraine, and it's a rare form of Migraine that needs to be treated differently than most other forms of Migraine. I know you said you're not having the weakness now, but you've mentioned it a couple of times now.

        Migraines aren't just headaches. Migraine is a disease. Other than getting to a doctor who can help you learn how to treat these Migraines and take care of yourself when they happen, I'm not sure what else to suggest to you. It's not safe for me to suggest any medications or treatments.

        Please keep us posted?


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