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  1. Does anyone have any experience with Sumavel yet?

    1. I did the needless Sumavel injections, after having been on the Imitrex injections for a year, and they worked a lot better. It's the same medication (sumatriptan) but a different brand, and instead of a needle.. air breaks your skin to insert the medicine. I will tell you that they are more painful than the needle Imitrex injections... but to me, they worked SO much better. I have to stop taking them because they interact with a preventative I will be trying, and I am upset I have to stop them because they were successful for me. I suggest them. They are painful, but NOTHING compared to a migraine.. so I recommend trying them!

      1. melissadwyer13, can you tell us a little about the very first time you tried it? Were you afraid of it at all? What did you tell yourself to get up the nerve to give the first "injection"

        1. I had previously been doing the Imitrex injections with the needles, so I suppose I wasn't as afraid of the injection itself... I will say that I was extremely nervous because I didn't know what to expect, all I knew is that it was needless, so I didn't know how it would help. The first injection, and EVERY one after that... did take about 10 minutes of building myself up for it to be honest. My mom gives them to me, you are supposed to be able to do it yourself, and you could but I just can't knowing it will hurt. But for about ten minutes before each one, she would go to do it, and I'd back away and tell her to stop. It does take a lot to get the nerve to do it, but finally I just remind myself that it won't hurt anymore then the pain of my migraine! Hope that helps!

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