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Migraine Symptoms

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  1. Hi Lifetimegirl2000, Has your attack finally ended then? 3 Days is a long time. Doctors tell us that if a Migraine attack lasts more than 72 hrs that it becomes an emergency situation requiring a visit to a doctor. Do you know what triggered this last attack?

    1. I just recently had a chronic bout with a headache...that lasted 5 weeks. It evolved into a migraine, with medication I was able to make it ease but never went away. I was finally hospitalized last Wednesday and was there for 3 days, hooked up to an IV and medicines being administered every 4 hours. Finally, on Friday evening my headache broke. No particular thing triggers my headaches, they are very quick to come on and escalate as well. I do often have numbness on the left side of my face, while the headache is occuring. What kind of migraine is this? Also I am currently seeing a doctor who wants to try botox injections....any thoughts on that.

      Has anyone else had these sorts of occurances?

      1. Arneal, the symptoms you describe could fit several types of Migraine. Facial numbness is a common symptom. Have you asked your doctor what type of Migraines you have? You might also want to ask your doctor for help in determining your triggers. You're having Migraines, so there are triggers somewhere.

        1. Is it an emergency situation if you have migraine symptoms for 72 hours+ or only if the pain stage lasts that long? I ask because I frequently have attacks that can go on for days, cycling between the pain stage & a less painful headache with migraine symptoms stage. I'm in a low pain stage at the moment but have a lot of other symptoms, this has currently been cycling since Saturday evening. It has not been completely gone at any point in that time.

          I am pushing myself to continue my daily activities (especially as I am on report at work for my sick record due to my migraines), but I have never been given enough info or medical care for my migraines, despite regularly suffering with them for nearly 24 years (since I was 5). So I don't know much of anything about migraines.

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