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  1. Hi Tammy, I'm sorry you have to deal with Migraine, but am happy you found something that seems to be helping you. Have you had any trouble getting insurance to cover it??

    1. I go to a free clinic because I do not have insurance and they order it for me free. If you make under a certain amount, I think like 40,000 family, you can get your meds free.

      I hope you have found something to help you.


      1. I took Treximet only one time and my throat and chest had this tightening sensation. I thought I was having a heart attack, then became very sleepy and fell asleep. Treximet is not for me.

        1. MsMillie - It is really important to understand that all medicines we take for our Migraines are going to have side effects. All. The trick is figuring out what side effects we can live with and those that we can't, then make decisions that help us live the best way that we can with this disease. What has your doctor said about your side effects? These are common complaints, but if they concern you and your doctor, there are other options.

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