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  1. Skel, Only your physician is qualified to prescribe your medication. That said, there are a handful of different triptans. Each has something special about it that makes it somewhat unique. For instance, while Imitrex injections act very quickly, Frova tablets last the longest. While some patients need the fast acting qualities of sumatriptan (Imitrex) others do much better when the triptan stays in their system an extra long time, such as Frova provides. Those with Menstrual Migraines usually do better on Frova.

    So yes, there are multiple types of triptans, and while one may not be working for you, another might. Seeing a headache specialist who is well versed in the different types of triptans and how to use them is best, but if that's not possible for you right now, consider asking your doctor to try a different triptan in case you might have some better luck with it.

    Sumatriptan itself doesn't usually need "time" to work. Either it works for your attack, or it doesn't. This doesn't usually change a lot with time or repetitive use, although every attack can be different from the last one you had...

    1. I started on Imitrex(nasal) and it worked beautifully the first time or two. Within seconds I had relief and I could live amongst the living again. But as time went on--the Imitrex worked less and less until I had a reaction to it. My throat closed shut and I could not suck one ounce of air. Talk about panic! EVERY time I had this reaction I would get the throat swelling 72 hours after I took the Imitrex. And what is weird is that my migraines usually last right around 72 hrs too. Anyone else have reactions to Imitrex. It worked beautifully the first two times!!!


        Yikes! Sorry that happened to you. What did your doctor say about this? I don't understand how the Imitrex could have caused that reaction 72 hours later because it should have been totally out of your system long before that. The half-life of Imitrex Nasal Spray is only two hours, so it's out of the system within 12 hours. I'm not questioning what you say, just trying to figure out how this could have happened. Have you tried any of the other triptans? Zomig also makes a nasal spray.


        1. My Axert isn't working anymore, has that happened to others?

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