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  1. Cynthia,

    Darn it! I'm sorry you're having such a rough day. Do you do anything to treat your silent Migraines?


    1. Hi. I have had chronic vertigo since June 2002. I now think that silent migraines might be part of the issue. Have either of you had any success with anything you have done?

      1. I am finally going to a physical therapist for my Vertigo. She says my system is weak. I forget the name of the system but it the system that ties the brain and other things together that tells you if you're upside down or not. Today will be my 3rd visit. Its going well but my head is seriously pissed off that I'm making it do something. I've sheltered myself for literally my entire life that any stimulation throws me out of whack. For 4 days now I've been non stop dizzy. I'm not sure if its just because I keep doing the home exercises or that I had a busy weekend. But if its due to the weekend (today's Tuesday) it should have gotten over itself by now. Not sure but I'm constantly dizzy and it makes my head hurt and I end up sleeping the day away.

        1. Hello! I have been been fighting migraines since 14 (20 yrs), history of anxiety attacks also. Typically Migraine with aura, visual distrubances,and numbness/tingling in left hand forearm, nose, and lips. I take topiramate, and nortriptylin preventative and relpax and sumavel dosepro for abortive. Recently I have this feeling of the room tilting, or feel like I am not sitting flat on the ground. Occasionally this tilting comes with extreme head pressure. Sometimes my hands do not feel like they are attached to or are working separately from my body, or feel extremely large. Does vertigo explain all these sensations?

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