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Vision changes

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  1. I had read about this "Alice in Wonderland Synd" awhile ago and jaw dropped ! This used to happen to me every once in awhile starting from when I was early grade school. Never scary or enough to say anything to my parents, I figured no one would believe me. Mine were sometimes really short ceilings and short doors-lots of those. Other times it was one side very small and the opposite side normal. People or just me had short bodies yet hands were like big like baseball gloves. They stopped around the time I started having babies. I've always been the "headache prone" one. Now I know why and what they are. I don't always experience a visual aura, depending on when my migraine hits. A normal one is,first a sharp ringing in my ears, then it's like when you're going indoors from out in the bright sun light and yours eyes need to adjust to the difference. My hearing is muffled, although sounds as though I am underwater or I have my earplugs in. (the ringing sound is gone) This lasts for approx 60 secs or so. I've never timed it. This occurs 1-2 times a month.

    1. anyone had "persistent aura" (without the migraine). i have it almost all the time now. blank spots, lights, after-images, etc. the doctors have no idea what it is or what i'm trying to describe. it's very annoying (although i'm glad the pain doesn't come). love to hear if i'm the only one.

      1. so glad you mentioned "persistent auras." my migraines are mostly hormonal, and in the past i had the normal aura then pain and it was gone in a couple days. but lately it has been different. this past week i have been very scared because i have had pretty constant pain but auras that come again and again. sometimes they are full blown zig zag lines, but it has also been blank spots or distortions. i cant tell if its after effects of the original migraine or the beginning of a new one. its so confusing.

        1. Martha11, the important take-away message here, is that any changes in your normal pattern is a good reason to get to your doctor to find out what is going on. Have you seen your doctor yet? Is he/she a headache specialist?

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