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  1. Actually - often the weakness is more debilitating than the pain.

    1. Laura, I'm wondering what your doctor says about your finding that adding food or a sweet beverage seems to be helpful?

      1. My doctor did not have any thoughts that he shared with me about this symptom. I just came home from work today because i feel so weak and spacey. I could not concentrate at all. I have spaced out several times writing these few sentences. It is more debilitating than the pain right now. I've scheduled an appointment with a new headache doctor - but it is at the end of July.

        1. I have been suffering with what my neurologist will only define as chronic daily migraine for the past 14 months, as in it never lets go enough to be defined as a headache. I have always had fatigue and aura with my migraines and the sensitivity to light and sound since this began in March 2011 but a few months ago I woke up unable to lift my head. my limbs all felt like they had weights attached and it took an immense amount of effort to sit up. Since then I constantly feel like my head is too heavy as if I have a counterweight inside my skull eg: if I put my head forward to look down it just sort of flops I cannot control the speed it drops at. I am trying to get a clear picture of my numerous symptoms so that I can explain them to my neurologist properly and have a more definitive diagnosis that can be treated correctly.

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