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  1. hangingbyathread - Your experience isn't as atypical as I wish it was I'm afraid.

    I'm Migraining myself right now, so I hope I understood everything you were saying, but I do have a couple questions that it would be helpful to have answered. The answers may create more questions that you might find helpful to take to your physician for re-evaluation.

    Have you talked to your doctor about the potential that you may be in MOH?

    It honestly sounds to me like you need to talk to your doctor about the potential that you might be in MOH. Your experience sounds typical of many of the more difficult patients who start out doing everything as they should, but are driven to begin a series of uses of medications that - together - end up putting the patient into MOH. When this happens the patient typically becomes refractory to almost everything and a pattern of daily headache begins to be the norm. Unfortunately, alternating medications that can themselves cause MOH doesn't stop the brain from changing and MOH to become a problem. It seems that alternating them would be the thing to do, doesn't it?! From what I understand, the brain doesn't see much of a difference between the different meds and the changes that lead to MOH occur despite the patient's best efforts. You might say that the treatment *backfires*.

    This leaves the patient feeling completely overwhelmed and wondering "What in the world am I gonna do now?!"

    Are you currently taking any preventives, and have you ever had any success with them? Has your doctor re-evaluated you recently? Are you seeing a headache specialist?

    I would love to know if you have ever had any success with IV treatments of any kind - steroids, magnesium, valproic acid? Have you had a conversation with your doctor about utilizing these options which do not contribute to MOH?

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