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Show Me (more than) the Money! Results from the Cost of Care Survey

Cost is a major factor in managing a chronic health condition, such as migraine. There are many things people do to save money and cut costs, but not everyone is aware of these options. We conducted a survey to better understand what costs patients and caregivers, such as yourself, face and how your health care professionals discuss costs with you. Check out what our community members had to say about cost and what tips they’ve shared!

Cost of Care Infographic

The Cost of Care survey was an online survey conducted with people with chronic health conditions to gain insights into the health care costs experienced during their journey, as well as tactics used to save on these costs. A total of 2,314 respondents completed the survey; 99% of whom are patients with a chronic condition and 1% who identified as a caregiver.


  • wendy
    3 years ago

    Also add something like loss of higher paying job options, for those still able to work. It’s one thing to work full-time at 35 hours a week, but my jobs with regular OT are over (at least for now), and what I am doing now is mentally simpler, for days (like now) when I have brain fog and aphasia.

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