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Migraine in America 2012: Highlights

We are excited to present the results of our landmark study “Migraine In America 2012.” This survey was completed by over 2,600 migraine patients in May and June of this year and represents one of the largest studies of this type ever completed.

As we know, the physical pain is merely the tip of the iceberg for individuals living with migraine. Migraine can dramatically impact our lives, careers, and relationships. Some highlights of the study are presented here.

Migraine in America 2012

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  • dachip
    3 years ago

    I have experienced extreme cluster migraines for approximately 12 years before I found a satisfactory cure or remedy better stated. I believe that I still am prone to migraines if I deviate from my remedy…. And I will never do that after what I have endured and experienced!

    To simply state that I would get migraine periods that would last upwards to almost four months nonstop! Yes, on a scale of 1 to 10, try a 9 on the pain scale! It was all the symptoms mentioned culminating to a weight loss of 45-50 pounds during each period…..very frightening. It finally got to a point of suicidal. That is when I didn’t know what to do?

    I had gone to many of the great sources of help to try and gain answers during the 70’s and 80’s. I tried the Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins and the New York Migraine Institute…..nothing new, no definitive answers. I lived in Hawaii when I was experiencing the drastic migraines. They would last 120 plus says cyclical.

    Finally a very dear friend came from a trip from Japan and she brought me Magnetic necklace. The rest is history! I found that to be the ultimate help and the one that has caused me to be migraine-free!!!! It’s now going on 26 plus years and documented medically to be my only treatment.

    I have suggested it to many of my friends including my wife that had migraines and has been very effective. No, not all seen a relief, perhaps 5% or less said no change? I don’t believe they had migraines as the cause however that wash the consensus.

    So before taking all those strong medications realize that may be your answer too! It only can be effective when it is not running it’s course OR cycle. I seen the help once that I finished a cycle.

    It works by clearing the passage in the blood vessels from ion buildup. This is what begins the migraine. Keeping the passages open free of ion buildup eliminates any migraine. But I wear my necklace ALL THE TIME! It is my SAVIOR AND REMEDY! You can go online and get one of many, be sure to always have a backup necklace just in case one breaks!

    That is my history in short, but I have suffered from being ravaged with abject PAIN and now FREE!

  • Betty Street
    6 years ago

    I believe migraine headaches were partially responsible for a job loss, and I have found that many people do not understand what a migraine headache is. I have had many different triggers over the last 35 years of dealing with migraines, but now the worst one is changes in weather. Unfortunately, we live in the Northern Plains and have frequent weather changes … whether the weather gets nice and sunny (glare kills me), a strong south wind up from the Gulf of Mexico (humidity wipes me out) or we get a strong storm out of the northwest (yet another trigger), I can tell 24 hours to 5 minutes in advance that something’s gonna change soon.
    And this weather intuition is getting more acute the older I get. I was a chronic migraineur back in my 40s and 50s when I had food sensitivities, but I’m down to about 13-14 a month now, so not quite chronic now that I’m in my 60s.
    But I’d sure love a copy of those slides for my personal use. Any ideas where to go to get them? They explain migraines better than anything I’ve ever seen, and I’d love to show them to my primary care physician so he, at least, might understand my problem. My neurologist already does, but I only see her once a year.

  • dachip
    3 years ago

    Betty, have you tried a magnetic necklace? Magnetism has worked great for me over the past 26 years. It has eliminated my migraines completely but I found that I must wear my necklace 24/7/365 to assure pain-free.

  • Editorial Team moderator author
    6 years ago

    Hi Betty – Send us an email at and we might be able to help. Thanks!

  • MaggieG
    7 years ago

    The report mentions stigma attached to migraine. I have experienced my family thinking I was mentally deranged. The first neurologist descrbed me as an hyper and when I experienced a headached, I was told to calm down. I was 14 and decided to hide my migraines so as not be istitutionalized. It is tough to hide the gray face and vomiting and to play field hockey. Later in my early adulthood the popular theory about migrainuers was that they had type A personalities. For a woman in the 70’s this was not a good thing becuase type A bordered on bitchy. In fact, I am a perfectionist regarding my expectations of myself but not others. This made me thibnk I had a personality disorder. Admitting to migraines was not to be. I learned to attend college classes, and work with a severe migraine. I attempted to read through eye auras more times than I can count. All I can say is that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I really learned to focus and to suck it up and keep going. It became easier with triptan meds which stop the nausea. As I aged the fatigue caused by migraines made me give in to staying home from work and resting. This is also smart in view of the attention that driving takes these days.

    I added lots of undue stress on myself for years in order to demonstrate that I was normal and that a migraine won’t stop me. I hated to cancel appointments or delay things. I felt it was inconsiderate of others. As a result I was extremely inconsiderate of myself. At 64, I think I should have not succombed to this fear of being labeled sickly or mentally weak. For those of you struggling with this demon, I suggest you think about it carefully and be good to yourselves.
    Maggie G

  • chipdooley
    7 years ago

    I should be a weather man. I can tell you what the weather is going to be 2 to 5 days in advance. I fight with the idiots on TV about the weather because they are WRONG most of the time when we do have weather in LAS VEGAS, NEVADA. Add stress on top of it and that leaves a real nasty day/s with a hang over feeling when it’s over.

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