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Tips for building your Migraine Emergency Toolkit

Are you prepared for a migraine emergency? Here are some tips for being ready when a migraine attack happens unexpectedly.

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Migraine Emergency Toolkit


  • LAnnSmith
    5 years ago

    If they’re not in your normal Rx inventory, having a mild sedative like Xanax, can also be helpful while traveling. My family doctor suggested this when I was going to visit family, which is always stressful as they’re not nice about my migraines. A half pill occasionally made it easier for me to manage things.

    If you’re not accustomed to taking them, please don’t start while away from home. Maybe give them a test drive at home a time or two before leaving. I always take them with me now.

  • Holly H
    6 years ago

    I just wanted to mention about the ear plugs, that I have struggled for years to find a store bought ear plug that would block out enough sound, was easy to put in during a migraine meltdown, and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. After not much success, I finally asked my ear, nose, & throat doc about custom ones. They make them!! If anyone else out there is like me and can have a migraine triggered by loud noise like the movie theater, these puppies are the way to go. They are custom molded to your ear with a soft silicone and they come with one set of 10% sound filters & one set of block out plugs. You can change them out. The filter lets you still hear voices but blocks out loud booming sounds. The block out plug blocks out everything. They have been a God send to me. They ended up being about $160 but because your inner ear doesn’t change, they will last for years. Any audiologist can order them for you.

  • MahtaMouse
    6 years ago

    I would also add instant coffee and a heating pad.

    Some years back I read a wonderful article on migraines with a tip for dealing with a migraine attack that actually… for me… works.

    When I get a migraine, I do all the usual… cold strong coffee for some quick caffeine, a dark quiet room, naproxen, cold compress on my forehead AND a HEATING PAD set as high as I can stand it and wrapped around my inner wrists.

    The article said that the cold constricted the blood vessels in the head, while the heat opened them up in the wrists.

  • Ter-i
    4 years ago

    Wrists are an interesting idea. I am using similar method of increasing blood flow elsewhere – i put my feet in hot water. I keep kettle close, and add hot water constantly. One of my symptom is nasal congestion and cold hands and feet. Hot feet help with that. Although it can be done in early stages when Im still able to sit. Next time I upgrade this process with cold on my forehed.

  • Holly H
    6 years ago

    I have never heard about the heating pad on the wrists. Thanks for the tip!

  • KJPR
    7 years ago

    I love this! Too often, I forget! Thank you!

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