Tips for Managing Brain Fog

Tips for Managing Brain Fog

When living with Migraine, difficulty concentrating and brain fog can be common symptoms for many Migraineurs.  Here are some suggestions on ways to manage and compensate for them.

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Recognize your brain fog

Learn the early signs and symptoms to recognize your brain fog as a potential sign that a Migraine is starting.  This will provide you with the ability to possibly minimize the attack by treating and managing early.

Give yourself plenty of time.

It is essential to start your projects and all important task as soon as you can...don't procrastinate!  By doing this it will leave you feeling a lot less stressed and in turn will help to improve your overall quality of life.

Plan ahead.

Organizing, planning ahead and scheduling your days well in advance of when things needs to be completed are critical components in order to stay one step ahead and less stressed during those times of confusion.

Don’t be afraid to re-do things.

Accept that things are likely not going to be done the right and/or best way the first time. While this may be frustrating and time consuming, re-doing things becomes par for the course to get it done correctly.

Ask for help.

You will save yourself a tremendous amount of time, energy (and your sanity) if you can simply ask for help if something is not clear or not making sense.

Make lists.

Keep your smartphone and/or a journal/notebook accessible at all times in order to create and manage lists. You will begin to feel very accomplished and find it rewarding once you make some headway by checking items off.

When reading

For more comfortable reading, make the print on your computer or device as big as possible and turn down the brightness as this will create much less eye strain.

Problem solving

Having trouble understanding an idea or a problem?  Put it in a picture!  By drawing things out it may help you to more easily comprehend a concept.  


Math problems can be difficult for some even when you are not experiencing issues concentrating, but by carrying a calculator with you at all times this eliminates the possibility of getting stumped on even the simplest problem.


If permitted, try to record important conversations and notes to provide you with the ability to replay it over and over until you fully understand what was being said.


Try to plan ahead by creating notes, outlines or a brief summary of what you plan to say during any important conversations.

Leave yourself open to your imperfections.

Acknowledgement and acceptance of who you are now (imperfections and all) is a big step toward fixing the problem.  

Educate family and friends.

Start the the people in your life really understand brain fog and confusion as real symptoms of Migraine.  Explain to them what they can expect, how they can help and listen to questions they may have.

Maintain a sense of humor.

Don't take things too seriously!  Being able to laugh and approach things in life with a sense of humor will help to minimize the burden and to carry on more easily during the difficult and confusing times.


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