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Tips for Managing Brain Fog

Tips for Managing Brain Fog

When living with Migraine, difficulty concentrating and brain fog can be common symptoms for many Migraineurs.  Here are some suggestions on ways to manage and compensate for them.

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  • Leilani Siplon
    3 years ago

    This infographic is exactly what I needed. I have been asking all different types of people what to do about my “brain fog” and I don’t get any answers. All my doctor has given me are meds for the pain.

  • DonnaFA moderator
    3 years ago

    Hi, Leilani, we’re glad you enjoyed the infographic. You may also enjoy Migraine and Brain Fog Tips and Tricks, which is kind of an expanded version of the infographic.

    I can speak with conviction on making lists, planning (and pre-staging), they make things so much easier and more stress-free. I have trouble with the asking for help part, but my people (children and fiance) know the signs and are awesome about taking over. Which of the tips look like they will fit easily into your routine? -All Best, Donna ( team)

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