Living with Migraine

Living with migraine one day at a time. Get tips and read about living and coping with migraine.

By Marcia Kavulich - December 8, 2017
Even if one is diagnosed with migraine later in life, people can sometimes retrospectively recall symptoms of migraine at an early age. According to our Migraine In America 2017 data, over half... READ MORE

By Amanda Workman - November 29, 2017
Once you have dealt with chronic migraine for a while, the medications and treatments that you have tried can become an overwhelmingly long list. Your medical records for migraine alone can quickly... READ MORE

By NinaHU - November 21, 2017
Redefining how we think about giving Giving can seem like a one way street. We let go of something that belongs to us – often my money or clothing or food –... READ MORE

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