15 Awesome Devices to help with chronic illness and life overall

13 Awesome Devices to Help with Chronic Illness and Life Overall

  1. Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Microsoft Cortana, etc
  2. - These assistive devices are very helpful with reminders, calendars, and other things to keep you organized. Other apps that Alexa can help you with including listening to your choice in music, which includes white noise, quizzes to keep you occupied while you may be doing chores around the house, cooking dinner or lying around enjoying music. Size options are great as far as pricing goes. I bought myself the Echo Dot, which retails around $45.

  3. Wifi smart plugs/clicker
  4. - turn off something from another room. Kind of like a "clap on clap off" kind of deal. I've found it to be very convenient since I live in a loft style apartment and can control the lights from a different floor of the house (and even from my bed).

  5. USB surge protector strip
  6. - Keep by your bedside. I keep a 10ft phone charging cord so I can lessen the mess of cords in one area. It limits distraction and potential tripping hazards.

  7. Charging stations
  8. - Keeps all techy stuff you use on a daily basis all organized in one place. Some are very discreet and can hold a lot of medications and other things you want by your bedside but don't want the clutter.

  9. Weighted blanket
  10. I have shared how a weighted blanket has helped me with my chronic pain in this article.

  11. Kindle
  12. - Hospital visits, bathroom reading and waiting rooms are stuffy enough. Relax and just breathe while relaxing and reading from a handheld device. It's helped me pass a lot of time and I've read some great books this summer!

  13. Air purifier
  14. - With all of the air pollution and dust in the world we live in, it's great to have purifiers that work to clear the air.. of bacteria as well!

  15. Extra long heating pad
  16.  - You can get get wet ones that allow the heat to get deeper.

  17. Pillbox
  18. - These can help organize the many medications and there are some that are arthritis and joint friendly.

  19. Pillbox with timer
  20.  - Maybe you're older or work from home like me, and would just prefer a clock that talks out loud as a reminder when to take your pills. We're all a bit forgetful.

  21. Water bottles that alert you
  22. when you need to drink more

  23. Grocery service delivery
  24. - I use what is available in my area, called Shipt. They have a few stores like grocery stores and Target, which are really convenient. I know many of my small local grocery stores have started grocery shopping for you and you pick up-service, as well.

  25. Power USB bank
  26. - I commonly forget to charge my Kindle when I'm in and out of appointments at the hospital. Thankfully I know that about myself so I keep an extra little bank around if you run out of battery at an appt.

What else would you add?

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