2016 Year in Review

2016 Highlights

At the end of each year, we always look forward to taking a step back to see the tremendous amount of input, support and engagement you help to provide to the Migraine.com community. In addition to articles and stories, each week we post a different poll on our homepage as a method for you to participate and help to bring awareness about both the vast similarities and differences (i.e. symptoms, treatment, quality of life, etc.) for those that live with this condition.

Here is a brief recap of some of the most highly responded polls along with the related articles of 2016.


Migraine symptoms vary from person to person and from attack to attack, but according to our poll “Do you experience sensory overload symptoms?” an overwhelming majority said that they do.

Community Poll

Do you experience sensory overload symptoms?

Many of the articles we shared in 2016 discussed some of the other symptoms you may not have have necessarily connected (unlike sensory processing) to migraine such as cold feet, watery eyes, yawning, loss of words and even depression. Here are some of the articles which highlight these.

Sensory Overload
The ONE symptom we all have in common
I Had No Idea THAT Was a Migraine Symptom!
I know a migraine attack is coming on when…
Depression as a prodrome symptom
Recognizing My Own Aphasia

Quality of Life

There is no question that migraines impact nearly all aspects of your life. Friendships, family, being spontaneous, daily routines, exercise, diet, sleep (the list of course goes on and one) are all affected. For many, it is extremely challenging to come to terms with this and to accept. It is either by choice or by force, according to our poll “Have you reached acceptance that migraine has changed your life” that close to 500 respondents said that they have.

Community Poll

Have you reached acceptance that migraine has changed your life?


Triggers vary from one person to another, can be very difficult to identify and especially challenging to avoid. It is important to know what triggers your migraines, so we asked you in a recent poll “Have you been able to identify all of your migraine triggers?” and nearly all respondents have NOT been able to do so. Therefore, trigger identification and management continues to be an important topic to discuss in order to increase prevention and improve overall migraine management.

Community Poll

Have you been able to identify all of your migraine triggers?

Here is a highlight of just a few articles we shared in 2016 regarding triggers.

Practical strategies to avoid scent triggers
A new theory about triggers
Argh….. Trigger is not Cause. Don’t Let Them Get Away with it
“You should exercise more!”
Migraine Versus Music
Migraines & Food: Cravings, Triggers, Comfort & Freedom
Travel Triggers and How to HALT Them


Making it through an entire week or even a full day of work when living with migraine is extremely challenging. According to our poll “Have you made/requested workplace accommodations?” the responses were nearly split for those that have versus have not. However, whether or not accommodations have been made to help you better manage work and migraines, work always remains a highly sensitive and stressful topic.

Community Poll

Have you made/requested workplace accommodations?

Here were some of our articles related to work and migraines that really got you talking in 2016.

To work, or not to work
To work or not to work on this half-migraine day
Accessing Disability for Migraines – a logistical and emotional journey.
Why isn’t migraine a legitimate reason to miss work?
An All-Consuming Job
Detour Ahead: Career Paths Obstructed by Migraine

Looking Forward to 2017!

Thank you for making the Migraine.com community such an amazing and supportive place! Remember, you can always connect with other community members on our Facebook page or in our forums section.

We would love to hear from you! What is one thing you are looking forward to the most in the new year? It certainly does not have to be migraine related...let us know by sharing a comment below! 

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When was your last migraine check-up?