5 Things I've Done While Suffering With a Migraine

Once my migraines became a regular thing, I stopped taking for granted easy tasks I performed daily. Simple chores like brushing my teeth or responding to a work email felt insurmountable while my brain was boiling.

The best place for me to be when a migraine attacked was in a dark bedroom, but life didn't always wait for my migraine to let go.

Fellow friends with migraines also revealed to me that they have left their solitude to go to work, or pick up their kids, or travel across the country, all suffering with a migraine. Of course, there have been times where I've joined that club and tried to function through a migraine. Here are five of those instances:

Things I've done while suffering with a migraine

1. Driving a car

I’ve been out with friends or running errands feeling fine, only to have a migraine take over my head faster than my 6-year-old can eat a donut. This leaves me far away from the safety of my bed wishing the Star Trek Transporter had been invented so I could be “beamed” directly home.

2. Flying on a plane

I don’t have enough fingers to count how many times I’ve flown on a plane with a migraine. The shift in air pressure is a major trigger for me. The longest flight I’ve flown with a boiling brain has been 12 hours only to land and vomit in the airport bathroom. This, of course, made me again wish that Chris Pine would step it up and invent the Transporter.

3. Had a serious conversation

Finding any words when I have a migraine is…um…hard...but there have been occasions when I’ve had deep discussions while migraining. My brain barbecuing condition can trigger misunderstandings when I cancel plans or disappear for long periods of time. It seems my head can also be a trigger for others, and not wanting to abandon my friend or family member, I try to help facilitate a healing moment so that we can continue talking when I’m better able to focus.

4. Gone to a concert

All-day long, I’d felt the twinges of a possible migraine. My husband and I had bought tickets for this particular one 6 months prior. I knew if I didn’t go he’d be super disappointed—and so would I. I took the chance and went to see my hero, Paul McCartney. Not even the magic of The Beatles would let my head be. A migraine took over the evening and I spent the last half of the concert wishing I could be “beamed” home.

5. Been a mom

As a mom with migraines, I have backups for my backups to help care for my little guy. On the days those fall through, I’m still a mom. There were times it was just me, my son, and my migraine crawling through an afternoon together. I’d be watching him only to run to the bathroom and vomit. Motherhood and migraines don’t mix, well, but I love my little guy and wouldn’t change being a mom for anything.


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