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Aimovig Live Learning Sessions

Aimovig, the first FDA approved CGRP (calcitonin-gene-related-peptide) blocker for the preventative treatment of migraine has been approved for nearly a year, since May 17th, 2018. While accessibility and eligibility to Aimovig remains an issue for some, others in the community have tried and shared their experiences with the drug. Results, as is the case with many available migraine treatments, are diverse and varied.

Talking to your doctor about Aimovig

Importantly, Aimovig is not a cure for the disease (there is not a cure at this time) and while there have been reports of positive results from some community members, others have expressed worsening symptoms. It is important that each individual consider their own circumstances with their doctor before trying Aimovig or other migraine medications.

For those who are seeking to learn more about Aimovig, Amgen and Novartis, the partnership that manufactures the drug is rolling out a new program geared towards education about the (still relatively) new CGRP.

New informational program about Aimovig

Aimovig® (erenumab-aooe) Live Learning Sessions is a new informational program for anyone impacted by migraine. The program is currently available in 2 cities, Long Branch, New Jersey and Fairfax, Virginia.

From the Aimovig Learning Session website, the in-person sessions will include:

  • A presentation about migraine and Aimovig® from an expert.
  • Resources and tools to help people have more informed conversations with their doctors.
  • A person sharing their experiences living with migraine and taking Aimovig®.
  • A question & answer session.

Those interested in attending an informational session can go to or call 866-878-2575 for more information or to register.

Those interested in more information about Aimovig in general can visit these pages on Aimovig, and patient experiences.

Note: This article is not an endorsement of Aimovig, Amgen and Novartis, or the Live Learning Sessions. This article is intended only to share information about the sessions for those interested. All opinions expressed within the article are solely the individual author's and are not expressed on behalf of

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