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Join us for our “Ask the Advocates” Facebook Live Event!

Do you have burning or unanswered questions about migraine? If so, please join us for our very first exclusive Facebook Live “Ask The Advocates” event for Migraine & Headache Awareness Month!

Our advocates, Katie Golden, Alene Brennan & Nancy Bonk will be joining us live to answer the questions you have always wanted to ask! From managing symptoms, avoiding triggers, trying different treatments, and more – we welcome you to ask them about any topic related to your migraine disease.

**We encourage you to ask a question NOW in the comment section below to help kick off the conversation with our advocates.**

Also, please remember that our advocates cannot provide you with medical advice and that only your healthcare professional can do so. Katie, Alene & Nancy will be here to share their feedback, experiences & resources. Always discuss any changes in treatment or symptoms with your doctor.

RSVP & check out the event here!

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  • Kimberly
    4 months ago

    I’ve had migranes since 5yrs old, chronic daily migranes since age 16, I’ll be 50 in August. I’ve always been proactive for my health, I’ve tried many things through the years…My question is, what vitamins have proven to be the best for a woman with migrane?

  • RLB59
    4 months ago

    Yesterday was really bad with migraines and jerking all day. The same this morning . It makes hard to think and concentrate. My eyes are having petite mals.

  • chaselife
    4 months ago

    Was on Aimovig 5 months. Partner said personality changed for the worse. I had severe anxiety. Went to 1/2 dose 70 from 140. Migraines fully back. Anyone else discovering side effects?

  • Joanna Bodner moderator
    4 months ago

    Hi @chaselife, I am so sorry to hear that Aimovig was not effective & that it got worse. We have a forum page dedicated to those that have both tried it & another for members to share side effects. Feel free to explore what others are saying about Aimovig.



  • BrownT
    4 months ago

    My question is a reflection of what I am seeing as a general trend and would appreciate your thoughts on the issue. In the past I would self medicate and be able to deal with most migraines. Unfortunately, I would have a few each year that would go beyond what I was comfortable self medicating or be more pain than I could cope with. I would go to the critical care department were a doctor would deal with my symptoms and provide pain relief. I would be monitored to ensure I was stable and be sent home to sleep it off.

    In the last five years, I have gone seeking help and because of current non-opioid policies have not been helped. A few times the critical care doctors have made things much worse with unusual medication.

    The unintended consequence that I see trending is that I am much more reluctant to seek out professional care. As I read more horror stories about other migraines sufferers also not getting appropriate care, in a safe setting where if something does go badly medical staff can assist, there will be more migraine suffers who will self medicate beyond their comfort level and may overdose themselves at home.

    By not providing adequate care through critical care departments, I can see a unhealthy trend emerging. I cannot see an avenue to help change the system. It also appears somewhat unique to chronic pain suffers as different from maybe cancer pain.

    Does anyone else see this trend evolving? Is anyone researching this issue so it can be recognized as an issue? How can we migraine suffers get necessary care at a critical care clinic?

  • looking4OPH
    4 months ago

    Advocacy extends down to the migraineur/doctor relationship. What are specific actions that you consider productive for a migraineur to take when working with their medical team to move their treatment forward?

  • Joanna Bodner moderator
    4 months ago

    Fantastic question! I will pass this along to our advocates for the FB Live event! Hope you are able to join in to listen/watch!

  • sandhill
    4 months ago

    Based on the most recent research, what are the best treatments for vestibular migraine?

  • Joanna Bodner moderator
    4 months ago

    Thanks for this question! I will be sure to pass this along to our advocates presenting that evening. Hope you will be listening in!

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