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Balancing Sugar and Migraine?

I have always loved anything sweet. When I was a kid, I would go on these sort of candy safaris, looking for any scrap of sugary goodness I could find throughout my house. If there weren’t a conventional, wrapped candy bar somewhere, I would resort to getting into my mom’s baking supplies and eat the powdered sugar! As I grew older, the quest for sugar became less and less realistic. What began as Sawyer and the Temple of Sweeties evolved into Sawyer's Tummy Ache Time. With things like metabolism, an embarrassing number of cavity fillings, and a migraine diagnosis, candy was one of many things that I would have to monitor if I wanted to carry on as a somewhat-healthy adulting twenty-two-year-old.

After scouring the Internet, an article I came across gave me the confirmation that I had been dreading - and it talked about excessive amounts of sugar triggering migraine attacks.

My beloved sugar has betrayed me

I mean, it makes sense. Every Halloween, Christmas, and Easter has ended in an all-too-familiar, throbbing headache that I always seem to forget as soon as that sugar craving comes back. During these holidays, my sister would always give me her extra candy, like every responsible, health-conscious little sister, leaving me with a pile of tooth-decaying loot.

Is that much sugar worth it?

This is the question that I find myself revisiting every time I take that first, guilty bite. I mean, Swedish Fish are incredible, but are they worth the headache pain? With a body as finicky as mine, it’s a complicated answer. I know sugar is bad for me. I do have the Internet and the stern words from my parents, girlfriend, and dentist to prove it, so what keeps me snacking? Sugar and coffee are both addictive substances that are both socially acceptable, so the answer comes not from others, but from you.

YOUR moderation is key

Everyone’s body is different, and sometimes, I have to eyeball how much sugar will trigger my migraines. Yes, sugar is awesome, but having a clear head is infinitely more important. Migraine doesn’t have to be what defines you. It doesn’t have to take everything away that you love. It might actually be your body telling you how much of something is bad. I mean, sugar is just one of many triggers that can cause me immense pain, but I still want to go ahead and find a way to enjoy the things that I have always loved.

This sense of moderation is something that I am constantly working on. I have a sort of pride knowing that I know what my body needs and, more importantly, what it doesn’t. I know that binging on Hershey’s Kisses and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, while delicious, may not be the wisest choice for somebody who struggles with Migraines. However, maybe it’s okay to pop a Kiss once in awhile. I promise I won’t tell your dentist if you don’t tell mine!

What things are you doing in moderation to help with your migraine triggers? I would love to know in the comments down below!

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