Beach Trip With Chronic Migraine

Beach Trip With Chronic Migraine

I have the privilege of getting to go on a trip to the beach soon, and boy do I need it. After experiencing a recent car accident, a slew of sicknesses on top of my normal chronic migraine pain, and a pile of stressors for the past few months, I think it is about time to dedicate a few days to simple relaxation and recovery. A friend of mine was kind enough to invite myself and my caretaker on a trip with them to the Oceanside, and asked that we not pay for anything, but instead just bring ourselves for communion and company. This is one of the sweetest gifts I have received that I can think of, and so timely. I can hardly wait. Of course, I am having all kind of thoughts run through my head in preparation for going. I thought I would make a list of tips for preparing for a beach trip as a migraine sufferer, as I get ready myself and to share with others who might be taking a sunny trip soon!

Pack all of your medication, then triple check you’ve got it all, then, pack your just-in-case meds too

This one really goes without saying for many of us in the community, but in my opinion it is so necessary to make sure you have any and all medications you might need while traveling and away. In my case, we are driving about eight hours south of where I live, which means there is no way we can pop back in at home for anything. Living with migraine means making extra sure I am prepared for a migraine attack in a lot of circumstances. I also think it is important to make sure, if you are almost out of a medication, that you contact your doctor and pharmacy to get any refills you might need before heading out. For me, along with my migraine medications and ice packs, this also includes medication for asthma, allergy medicine, sunglasses, ear plugs, and nausea medication.

Pack for where you are going

The direction my friends and I are traveling in is hotter and drier than where I live. Heat induced migraines are a regular occurrence for me, so in my case, this means I need to pack lighter clothing than I usually wear, as well as bring extra clothing in anticipation for different kinds of weather. It’s a good idea to check the forecast before leaving too.

Let someone on your trip know where your medications are, as well as how to help in case of an emergency

For me, I am lucky enough to have my caretaker traveling with me, and they already know how to respond in the event that I have a severe migraine attack. If you are traveling with folks who aren’t your caretakers, or who may not know about your migraines, it could be helpful to share a bit about what your needs are with your travel companions to ensure you have the safest experience.

Don’t be afraid to say no

Taking trips and vacations can be a lot of fun, and there can be a lot to see and do, as well as a lot of pressure to ‘keep up’ with friends and travel companions when in a vacation mindset. Don’t be afraid to say no and just rest and lay down, even on vacation. Setting boundaries and making an effort to tend to your health while traveling can make for a much more enjoyable trip than trying to push through pain and discomfort to enjoy the trip the way you are ‘supposed’ to. Sometimes a nice nap in a different place is good for the soul. We know our bodies better than anyone else, so listening to them is a great way to feel good, and I know my friends will understand if I am not feeling well.

Find out where nearby pharmacies are close by

It is a good idea to locate nearby pharmacies or convenience stores in case you need to grab some OTC medication or even get something called in from your doctor.

Lastly, have fun!

It can be difficult to be in the moment when dealing with migraine, and even more difficult to enjoy the environments we are in when experiencing pain. That doesn’t mean we can’t have any fun, though. Taking in a new sight, trying a new food, or even napping in a cool room with the sound of rushing waves nearby can help to make a migraine-filled trip worthwhile.

What do you do to prepare for a trip? How do you navigate traveling with migraine? Let’s discuss in the comments!

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