Being Forced Off Botox

For those of us with chronic migraine, we normally end up trying a massive amount of medications and treatments hoping to find something to at the very least ease our migraine pain and suffering. In all of the years that I have been living with chronic migraine, I have tried almost everything a doctor suggested.

Trying numerous medications

My records of things that I have tried is more than enough to fill a large binder. All the off-label pills that are used as preventatives simply never helped my migraine frequency in any way. I have also done treatments that involved having injections deep into my head and a trial surgery for a nuero stimulator. Unfortunately, none of these types of preventatives helped in my situation. Some of the prescriptions made me sicker due to side effects, while others had no effect what-so-ever. They all definitely vary per person. It just seemed like nothing was working at all for me.

Finding some relief from Botox

Botox was the only thing I had not tried for my migraines. It was not an instant relief kind of treatment by any means. I had to do multiple rounds before I started to have days where I did not have migraines. It may not sound like much, but when you have chronic daily migraines, any day without a migraine is a huge relief. The Botox took time to build up in my system but it started helping me. Throughout job changes and insurance changes, we never had an issue getting the Botox treatment approved. So at this point, I had been on Botox every three month for years.

New insurance not covering Botox

For a number of reasons, I have not been working since September. This involved me transferring my medical to my husband’s insurance policy. We honestly did not assume it would be a big deal because it was just a different version of the same company. But we were definitely wrong as far as my Botox coverage was concerned. They have absolutely refused to cover the Botox treatment. My doctor has done all kinds of appeals through the insurance and even one with the state of Texas and so far we continue to get denials. So a medical treatment that was helping me, as long as I continued my treatment every three months, has been taken away from me without much of an explanation. The insurance company feels like there is not evidence of other treatments not working for me, despite the massive binder of records that I have from all the other failed treatments.

Insurance companies control how many abortives we are able to get each month. For me, it seems they are also controlling what kind of treatment I can get for my migraines right now. While it definitely makes life harder, at the moment I am still pushing through and trying to continue with my life.

Have you tried Botox for your migraines? Have you faced insurance issues when it came to getting your Botox approved?

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