Talking to Your Doctor About New Treatment Options for Migraines

Malcolm Gladwell calls them the early adopters. Some folks are the first to try whatever is newest to the market—in our case, the CGRPs, or calcitonin gene-related peptides. New as of the last couple years, they have become some of the most sought-after treatments in the migraine community.

Where do you stand with CGRPs?

We wanted to know where you stood when it comes to new medications. Are you more in favor of CGRPs? Or happier with what was already on the market?

To hear more about what’s working for you, we reached out on the Facebook page, asking, “Have you talked to your doctor about new migraine treatment options (such as a CGRP)?”

This was certainly a hot topic, with almost 70 members sharing their thoughts. Here’s what you had to say.

Concerned about an injectable medication

Several of you have mentioned a greater concern over taking injectables. This medicine will stay in your system much longer than a pill, which means adverse conditions will also last longer. Members also mentioned possible reactions at the injection site, as well as worry about trying something new before heading out of town. Many of us, when considering a new treatment plan, get so focused on the positive outcomes that we may not be mindful of possible side effects.

“I’m seeing my pain management specialist/neurologist in September. I’ve tried most of the pills and am still having daily migraines. I know it’s not new, but I’m thinking my next option is Botox, then on to the new injectables. I’ve really avoided trying injectables because if you have a reaction, or it makes you sick, you’re stuck until it works its way out. It scares me.”

“I just started a job for a medical clinic and got a sample of my first round of Emgality. I had to go out of town this week so I didn’t want to start it being away from home. So I will do my first injection Monday.”

“I’ve been on Emgality for four months. It has reduced my migraines drastically. The only downside for me is reaction at injection site, but the benefit is so much greater I will stick with it!”

Concerned about the side effects of CGRPS

For a few of you, the side effects of an injection entirely outweigh the potential benefits. Many do believe that the preservatives used in shots can cause too many complications, which is worth taking a look at if this is something you find concerning.

“I’ve been doing some research and because of all of the side effects, I decided not to take the shots. I’m currently reading a book called ‘The Migraine Miracle’ and the author has an interesting perspective that is eye opening. I’m tired of taking meds that make me sicker.”

Haven't found the right headache specialist yet

For others of you, the search for the right cure can’t happen without the right doctor and some haven’t connected to the right person just yet. The right doctor can make all the difference. Someone who listens to your concerns and feedback with current treatment plans is more likely to match you with the right meds. And, if you’re not sure about your doctor, it’s worth looking into finding a better fit. After all, if you’re curious about a new doctor, that alone says a lot.

“No, but since I am getting a new doctor (I moved and will see her in August), I plan on discussing it with her.”

“I need to find a new doctor.”

Sticking with tried-and-true migraine treatments

At the end of the day, you are your own best advocate. The more you are in touch with yourself and what is normal for you, the better off you will be in assessing which medications are the most effective. You may find that new medications work great, or that your tried-and-true treatments are too effective to trade-in.

“No! Not a chance in hell! I've done my own research on what works for me, I had all these tests done when I was little, not going to be a guinea pig again, just stick with what I know.”

We want to say thank you to the community. You shared so much information and so many perspectives. We appreciate hearing it all. Thank you.

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