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How a Chiropractic Specialty Helped My Migraine

I've been a migraine sufferer since my twenties. I am now in my fifties and my migraines have progressed from episodic to chronic. Over the course of my migraine journey, I’ve tried dozens upon dozens of treatments and drugs to try and help manage my migraine disease. I’m still trying today, but my efforts seem to be paying off better now than in the past. This is truly an exciting time for viable migraine relief options.

Using the Atlas Orthogonal Technique for migraine

I have always used chiropractic care as a supplement to whatever therapy I use for migraine relief, but having done a bit of research I found an interesting chiropractic specialty that I thought would help me. That specialty is Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic.

What is the Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Technique?

Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Technique focuses on the atlas or top vertebrae on your spine. When this little vertebra is out of alignment it’s like your head is literally not on straight. This was the case for me! I had always suspected at least part of my migraine issues were due to things wrong with my neck. I had several MRIs that showed my neck was definitely a sore spot, to put it mildly! I was lucky enough to track down a chiropractor that practiced the Atlas Orthogonal Technique and he was within fifty miles of my home. I’d traveled farther than this to find relief before so this seemed quite viable to me.

Reviewing my MRI results with a chiropractor

I met with the doctor and we discussed my MRI reports. I was then set up to have a series of X-rays taken of my neck and upper spine to determine if my atlas was indeed out of alignment.

My atlas was out of alignment

After having these X-rays done the doctor was able to show me that the atlas was off and my skull was sitting on my spine at an angle! I was not surprised and as he explained the treatment plan to me I was hopeful. He explained how the nerves and blood vessels were all affected by this little bone being out of place. I was glad I had come and that he took the time to really explain what was going on in my neck.

How does Atlas Orthogonal Technique work?

The machine he used to adjust the atlas was small and unassuming. It works by directing a percussive force at the atlas to gently knock it back in place. The whole procedure was painless and took only a few minutes to accomplish.

Using chiropractic care for migraine

I went back on a scheduled therapy regimen so he was able to make sure my atlas was still in alignment. I continue to go back and have this checked every four to six weeks. It is a small price to pay for the relief I felt. No longer did I feel like I had a knife wedged into the base of my skull. I was finally free from the gnawing pain in my neck. Sure it was a small win, but it was a win nonetheless for me! I am willing to take any relief I can from migraine. If I had to do it all over again I would.

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