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Chronic Migraine's Guilt

I moderate on as well as create these articles. Guilt over my chronic migraine is something that I have struggled with for so many years. There are definitely times when it overwhelms me so much more than other times. Although here lately during my moderation, so many individuals have mentioned their own feelings of guilt due to their chronic migraines.

Guilt defined

Guilt is definitely a strong feeling and one of those feelings that can weigh on us in many different ways. There is a very important addition to the basic definition of guilt in the dictionary. The definition starts by explaining that guilt is a feeling of remorse or responsibility from some kind of wrong or offense. Although it does not stop with that portion of the definition, it continues forward to explain that this wrong or offense could be real or imagined.

Chronic migraine guilt

I truly believe we fall into the category of people who feel guilty for an imagined offense. We did not ask to have these debilitating migraines and we did not go out in life and do something that gave us chronic migraines as a punishment for some wrongdoing on our part. Many of us do not even have a specific reason as to why we have these migraines because doctors are completely unable to figure out what is causing the chronic migraines.

Unavoidable impact on social life

I know one reason we feel guilt is because of the events that we occasionally have to miss. This is something we all take hard and personally. I have learned that I basically do not commit myself to attend functions. My husband and I will say that we will try to be there whenever the family plans a function.

He also is a master at parking the car in a way that we do not get blocked in by other cars. This allows us to leave at anytime that I need to leave, regardless of what is going on. This helps because we do not have to go around asking whose car is the x because we need it moved. This took me a long time to get to this point but I realized I needed to do what is best for me. Trying to please everyone else added too many negative effects on my health. You have to take care of yourself above everything else.

Others feeling guilt

This guilt is not something that only people with health conditions feel. Even if we do not notice it, others in our lives may feel guilty that we are the ones who are battling the health conditions. Some of our loved ones feel guilty that we have the migraines and they do not bear some of that burden. Another major reason that others feel guilty is because they cannot fix us, especially when we are at our worse with an extremely bad migraine that will not go away.

I really hope this helps at least some of you who are dealing with all of this guilt that seems to be going around. Remember to focus on your health.

Do you struggle with guilt? Did this article help you any? How do you try to manage your guilt?

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