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Community Experiences: Cluster Headache

Have you been diagnosed with cluster headache? If you have then you know that it is a pain like NO other and that it is considered one of the most painful medical conditions. Here is what you (our community) has to share about their experiences living and experiencing cluster headache.

Cluster headache cycle and migraine attacks

  • "I have started getting cluster headaches as 'warning' headaches before big migraines. Fortunately they've been quite short, but man are they painful!"
  • "Cluster attacks are usually like clockwork and are more likely around the equinoxes and solstices (for me)."
  • "I get cluster headaches and have chronic migraines...I must say that a cluster headache is more painful than a migraine but they do not last as long as my migraines thank God!"
  • "Along with migraines, I too have cluster headaches. I would describe it as; having been hit in the right eye with an axe."

What does cluster headache feel like?

  • "I not only pace, I also bang my head on things like the floor or wall. They are also called "suicide" headaches due to the severity of the pain. Makes the 3 other kinds of migraines I have seem like a piece of cake sometimes."
  • "I was experiencing chronic migraines for about a year when I started to feel a different type of head pain that was so tortuous I seriously thought my right eye and right side of my skull was going to be the death of me. I knew there was no way this could be migraines. I brought these new types of symptoms to my neurologist attention and she confirmed that I was experiencing cluster headaches."

Treatment for cluster headache

  • "I just got over a cluster headache that lasted 8 days. I got a toradol injection and a nerve block with no luck. Melatonin finally did the trick."
  • "I started verapamil back in 2014, thank gods it worked otherwise I would have not been able to survive the pain. They’re definitely called suicide headaches for a reason."
  • "The one thing which helped was was Oxygen"

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