Community Feedback: Migraine Warning Symptoms

When Kerrie Smyres’ article about migraine symptoms that go far beyond head pain was posted on our Facebook, many of you shared what signs you have to deal with preceding a migraine.

They ran the gamut, with some of you experiencing many warnings and some of you having one or two tell-tale signs that a migraine was on its way. Below, what some of you shared:

Many different things happen to me as I’m about to get a migraine:

  • “Tremors, slurred speech, stuttering, difficulties with balance; most of the time it is on the left side. Also skin sensitivity. Aches like a tooth ache in my neck. I see glittery tiny dots on the outside of my vision field.”
  • “Sadly, so many symptoms. A tender scalp, neck & shoulder tension also come into play (for me).”
  • “Slurred speech, difficulties with balance (fall often), fatigue and an increasing overreaction to all stimuli which varies from being distressing to feeling like I'm being tortured. Also have weird sensations up the back of my head like someone is touching me and an odd feeling that I can only describe as 'squashiness' over one eye and or a feeling of grit in my eye (this will be the eye the pain will be over later.) All of this is present prior to the pain and just gets increasingly worse until I have the full migraine.”
  • “Just the other night it was high blood pressure and nausea; sometimes it is sensitivities to light/sound/smell or cognitive issues.”

I always start yawning!

  • Yawning is a huge one for me.”
  • I warn all my coworkers that if they hear me continuously yawning, it's not because I'm tired, but because it correlates to my migraines.”
  • “It was only when my neurologist mentioned yawning I was like: he's either psychic or there's much more to these migraines than meets the eye.”

I get zaps in my head.

  • “The zaps feel like lightning going very fast, always on the left side, painful and at a fraction of a second. They have been increasing in number month after month. Last month, I had 38 zaps.”
  • “I'm experiencing zaps on the left side of my head. They feel like lightning going on my head.”

And a few more symptoms you guys shared:

  • “My dog understands ‘on the floor’. I tried to tell him there was a carrot "on the floor". I couldn't. I pointed to it. Got very frustrated because I tried for a couple of minutes, but the phrase wouldn't come to mind.”
  • “My earliest symptom is smells that are not there. I get really annoyed when I start smelling something nasty, but can't find the source. Then usually by that evening other symptoms become present.”
  • “Dizziness and multiple falls resulting in concussions, for me.”
  • “There is one tooth/nerve in my upper jaw that will start hurting. 98% of the time means it is the starting of a migraine.”
  • “Many people just think it's a headache. I once was hospitalized after having numbness all down one side of my body and was given a brain scan.
  • Extreme fatigue an hour or two before onset.”

Does any of this sound familiar to you? What symptoms do you experience before your full blown migraine appears?

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