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Oops! Concussions and Migraine

I’ve had some awful luck lately. By luck, I mean I would pretty much swap “luck” for “lack of coordination”.


It began with clumsiness; me dropping things, partly because I’m a person who obsessively unloads bags from the car and WILL make it in one or two trips. So, there is my disclaimer - I’m a mess without migraine!

Recently, I was outside gardening (which I’ve actively talked about in my writings as a form of self-care) and met the corner of the AC unit which is located outside. I hit the corner directly on the crown of my head and was instantly knocked out. After this, I was struggling with headaches daily.

Hitting my head twice

Remember when I told you I’m a clumsy mess? Well, not more than 2 weeks later, I hit the back of my head AND the top of my head on two separate occasions.. I had already felt flighty that morning and should have acknowledged not feeling well and just slowed down. But I didn’t. Instead, while loading up the car we took up north with us, I bent down not once, but twice and hit my head on the way up. Both times. My partner saw it from the kitchen window and naturally, we both started laughing.. until I started crying when I bumped it harder the second time. (Clearly, my middle name isn't Grace).

Keeping an eye on the frequency of migraine attacks

I’m waiting to see my neurologist but know that my headaches and migraines have gotten worse. I also live with HM (hemiplegic migraines), which have fortunately not increased since my head injuries, which I am extremely grateful for. It's important to be seen just to be cautious when/if symptoms increase and especially if you're experiencing new symptoms with a lot of nausea and vomiting.

I can’t blame all of this on my clumsiness though. Sometimes I am just totally unaware of my peripheral vision and that was the case when I hit the AC unit when I was outside gardening. I can’t imagine if I already had a migraine at the time of both of these events. I’d probably have ended up in the hospital overnight.

Head trauma and worsening migraine

I’m aware any kind of head trauma can result in migraines worsening, sometimes for the long-term. While I’m experiencing an increase of cluster symptoms, I’m managing a lot better than I thought I would, even looking back on the events now. I'm feeling much better even just a few weeks after this happened and feel very fortunate I don't have many lasting side effects except for some eye straining that worsens throughout the day. This is typical for me on a regular day, but the eye strain is a bit of a nuisance and pain still.

Have any of you experienced a concussion while living with migraine? What helped you that you can share with others who have been through this?

If you have experienced the onset of migraines after a head injury like a concussion, what was your "aftercare" plan and how did you handle it?

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